Power Cleanse

Take care of your guts - and they will take care of you

Probiotic Power Cleanse

A facilitated 8-week detox programme with lectures and workshops

Bacteria in various forms live all around us and inside of us, mostly in our digestive system. Most of them are not harmful to us. In fact many of them are beneficial to us and help with digestion, production of essential vitamins and strengthen our immune system. If you learn to understand and listen to your guts, you can help the bacteria do their work.

Take care of your guts –

and they will take care of your!


Lecture 1: What is the human microbiome and how does it work?
Lecture 2: Cleansing, detoxigying and repairing the microbiome
Lecture 3: Diseases and conditions in relation to the microbiome
Lecture 4: Sustaining a healthy microbiome and a happy body

Workshop 1: Sauerkraut
Workshop 2: Kombucha
Workshop 3: Probiotic snacks and immune boosters
Workshop 4: A full probiotic 3-course meal for your family


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